Classic performances by legendary star Ingrid Pitt (THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and COUNTESS DRACULA) and actor/makeup artist extraordinaire Tom Savini (FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, DAWN OF THE DEAD) highlight this tale of an all-powerful evil that threatens to savage a village of innocents, including the desperate few who dare to resist. Explosive action and state-of-the-art gore effects are melded with breathtaking cinematography and a diabolically clever script by veteran screenwriter and nouveau director Scott Bunt.

An ideology has been loosed on the world, one so powerful, so devastating, that nothing can withstand it. As the young and innocent are heinously tortured, an intrepid few search for an answer, besieged by the maniacal Prester John (Savini) and his demonic disciple Anna (Pitt). SEA OF DUST is based on the real-life villain Prester John and his vengeful master plan -- to sacrifice the "psychologically vulnerable" on the altar of evil. Can he be stopped?

An homage to the classic Hammer Films of the 50's/60's (HORROR OF DRACULA, CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN) and a loving tribute to the works of Italian maestro Mario Bava (BLACK SUNDAY, BLACK SABBATH), Bunt's epic social satire has something for every horror fan: mythical monsters, cannibalistic harpies, zombie assassins, torture dungeons, possessed innocents, evil aristocrats, and mind-boggling special effects by Josh Turi (WENDIGO, UNFAITHFUL). Featuring Stuart Rudin (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), Bill Timoney (ALL MY CHILDREN), and newcomers Troy Holland and Darby Totten, SEA OF DUST is an instant horror classic, a must-see for every lover of the genre.



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